Facebook remains obsessed with re-engaging users. Particularly those from younger generations who have lost interest in it. The problem is that it seeks to do so without ceasing to be important to advertisers. A double game that can be risky. Although the social network co-founded by mark zuckerberg has a jewel on instagram that continues to grow. While becoming more attractive to brands. It does not give up trying to rescue the ‘parent’ platform. Although it is the one with the highest penetration worldwide with more than 2 thousand 234 million users. In the last year it has faced serious problems of brand reputation and data protection. Resulting in the loss of interest of users, particularly with younger generations. The or postmillennial and generation t or tactile.

Your Bet Is for Stories Now It Is Going Through New Changes

In Stories, a format that it took from Snapchat to implement it first on Instagram and that after it gained a lot of popularity Buy Jordan WhatsApp Numbers it took to Facebook. This type of video content that it adopted since March of last year did not start as expected, but it has managed to please people: it has already managed to exceed 300 million users a day , according to data from the Menlo Park company itself. The new initiative is aimed at making these videos more interactive, to allow users to share details of various events with their followers. How will do? According to Facebook, cited by The Verge and Engadget, by sharing an event as or in a Stories,

It Will Be Possible to Create More Attractive and Interactive Videos

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Such as placing stickers with the aim of revealing the details and allowing people to indicate their “are”. interested” or want to “go” to the event. As well as placing a link to the event or the possibility of creating group chats. Apparently, the social network has already begun to deploy a series of tests in the United States, Brazil and Mexico, three of the countries in which it has the largest user base. The idea looks attractive for brands and companies, because that will allow them to have one more way of having contact with their audiences.

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