It is indisputable that facebook probably had its worst year in 2018 since. It was created in 2004, but it is also the fact that it has not ceased to be. Along with google. The main recipient of investment in digital advertising. Only during the third quarter of this year it reported income for. This concept of more than 13 thousand 539 million dollars. But, despite the fact that it currently has more than two thousand 230 million active users . It has begun to stagnate, especially as the disinterest of users of younger generations such as. Postmillennial and generation or tactile grows.

This Has Motivated Facebook to Make Various Changes

In order to stimulate community interaction and participation, but also focused on keeping the platform attractive to advertisers. Changes in Click-to-WhatsApp ads According to a report from the specialized media Marketing Land , Facebook is adding new reports for Click-to-WhatsApp ads. Let us remember UAE WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists that the Menlo Park company has repeatedly expressed its desire to monetize WhatsApp, for which it has implemented various changes and strategies, including the “click-to-WhatsApp” button. This feature -presented at the end of 2017 and launched in 2018- is designed to allow users of the social network to write directly to a brand through a direct access that appears in the posts of certain companies.

Well, According to Recent Information, the Changes

UAE WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists

Are that campaign objectives now include traffic conversation. And post engagement for click-to-whatsapp ads. In this way, what facebook would be looking for with these changes is to offer greater control . And certainty to advertisers with this type of resource and. Probably anticipating that the ads in. The news feed are becoming saturated. So it could show a decrease. Thus, according to marketing land, marketers will now be able to set goals for these types of specific ads. “Which will integrate a facebook-whatsapp engagement strategy. The movement is ambitious and could be an advance in its strategy to integrate all its platforms. It has already shown that it seeks that both instagram and wa can have organic interaction.

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