Ask your network for their opinion on certain products or services. New job? Now is the time to share it. What are you going to do and why did you choose it? Share a nice conversation or experience from your work or volunteer work. New website live, new logo? To share. Did your dream come true? Share it and especially the way there. The process ensures that people can empathize with you. Co creation; let your network think about a new name for your book/podcast etc. Ask your network what content they would like to read from you. Share publications or interviews about or about you. Is this all? Of course not, there are still plenty of opportunities to share personal content that fits a business medium like LinkedIn.

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Don’t be afraid, show yourself and experiment! Typographic symbols can add a touch of difficulty to a text. You may not always know what the symbol is for, so you Bahrain Phone Number it incorrectly in texts. Not only as a copywriter, but also as an online marketer, graphic designer or website manager you sometimes need more clarity when it comes to this subject. I’ll give you an explanation of 13 popular typographic symbols that you have undoubtedly come across. Not only do I explain when to use them, but also when not to use them. Ampersand The ampersand ( & ) represents the conjunction ‘and’. It is also known as the ampersand. The ampersand is a ligature that has its origins in Latin.

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The Latin ligature et gave birth to the ampersand. Over time, the appearance of the ampersand has evolved. In the first century AD, the ampersand as we know it today began as an ancient Roman cursive script, characterized by the capital letters E and T joined together to form one letter. Symbol: ampersand Photo source: TJ Arnold on Unsplash Today, the ampersand is written in different ways: A lowercase epsilon over which a vertical line is drawn An epsilon with a vertical line or dot above and below A normal plus sign with an extra loop in one corner The ampersand is a symbol that you will often encounter in the written language.

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