We know that amazon is a giant in e-commerce that is gaining prominence in various.The sectors that were not properly its natural ecosystem. Such as physical retail or the internet of things. But there is another in which it is growing at an impressive rate. Digital advertising something that should concern facebook and google. We are talking about a market that is desired by a large number of technology companies. Since it is a market that for this 2019 alone is estimated to have a value of more than 311 billion dollars globally . According to projections in statista. And, it is indisputably.

Facebook and Google Are the Ones That Dominate This Field in Fact

According to data from visual capitalist. Between them they monopolize 57.6 percent of the entire market share. To understand its potential, let’s see what both companies obtained during 2017 alone. Where the one in mountain view reported advertising Buy Kenya WhatsApp Numbers revenue of more than 95 billion dollars . While the one in menlo park did so for more than 39 billion. An e-commerce giant on the hunt but, the truth is that the two greats of digital advertising are wounded. Facebook continues to lose its attractiveness to the younger generations and has even already discouraged . Its number of new users, something that.

Added to the Multiple Conflicts That Affect Its Corporate Reputation

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The people’s trust, puts it in a complicated situation. So much so that a recent study by the analysis firm cowen indicates that the social network could lose up to 3 percent of the advertising market by 2020. In the case of google, the situation is less complicated. Because although it has gone through serious problems related to programmatic advertising . And content related to messages of hate. Discrimination and radicalism, as well as scrutiny for the privacy of user data ( both in europe and the us). Has undertaken various changes in its advertising policy that will help. It regain the trust of advertisers. However, in both cases they have opened a door for someone to take advantage of it and everything indicates that. It would be amazon.

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