As we indicated recently, everything seems to indicate that instagram will be a key platform for brands during 2019. As proof of this statista figures indicate that. It is estimated that the platform will receive 92 billion dollars for digital advertising. That is, many firms will allocate a significant amount of resources to this space that already accumulates one billion monthly active users. Knowing how to stand out on the social network . Beyond the ads, will be crucial to achieve better results. And that is why today we are sharing some experiments on instagram that you can start to make a difference with your account. 5 instagram experiments to try this year as recommended by social media.

Today, These Are 5 Experiments on Instagram That Are Worth

Putting into practice, these represent various.The ways in which instagram can be approached as a business for better results. Reuse user-generated content found on instagram . User-generated content, or ugc for its acronym in english, has turned out to be a highly effective element . The connect Buy Slovenia WhatsApp Numbers with audiences at a more significant level, as proof of this, data from the firm tinup indicate that. When it is used in advertisements the result in them is a 4x increase in click-through rate .And a 50 percent reduction in cpc. When a brand uses user-generated content, audiences feel more represented as this creates an atmosphere of engagement. Today, thanks to ugc, the line between b2b and b2c brands is blurring . As they are all starting to make the audience part of the brand.

If You Want to Take Advantage of This Type of Material

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Then you should look for it on the social platform. Take advantage of the mentions or labels to your profile and the brand’s hashtags to identify that user-generated content. However, do not forget to request authorization from the owner of the content to be able to resume it on your profile. Leverage old school techniques with Instagram Nametags Considering the use of the techniques of the past can be something that generates doubts among many marketing professionals and social networks or businesses in general. However, it is one of the Instagram experiments that is worth trying. While more and more old-school tactics disappear as we head into 2019, there are others that remain.

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