Such as here and here. I do have a few tips for your communication strategy in 2021. Things have changed in 2020, some of them go in 2021 and Uruguay Phone Number List then back to normal for a bit. But how far back to normal, and what exactly, nobody knows. 1. Be flexible 2. Don’t be afraid 3. Develop new rituals 4. Reject the perfect 5. Help each other 6. Connect people and technology flexible communication spiral 1. Be flexible My most important.

Only Call Email or Text Someone

Advice for this new year is: make plans for the whole year but make sure you can react quickly to changes. Be flexible. Be prepared for things that can turn everything upside down. This not only requires a flexible mindset – switching quickly to the things you pick up in the media and in business. It also requires financial flexibility: keep a large part of your budget free for contingencies. Don’t commit everything to campaigns.

Not if You Just Want to Chat

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Have to be created and paid for months in advance. Act fast and always keep a lot of money in your pocket: quite a bit more than the normal amount of ‘change’ for the small spontaneous things you normally have in your back pocket. I would say: keep at least a third of your annual budget free until July. Don’t plan beyond a quarter for the things that cost a lot of money and time. Make sure you always have enough money out of.

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