Cameroon B2B List While millions of people – of all faiths – watched the white ‘fumata’ on television. The crowd in saint peter’s square and waited to know the name of the new holy father. Twitter almost collapsed due to the emotion that the episode provoked world. Yes, because not only believers were interested. Curiosity took over a large part of the world’s population. And was reflected in the micro blogging account. Some tweeted with devotion, others critically, and many with humor.

Who Exceed One Million Seven Hundred – Retweeted the Phrase

Cameroon B2B List According to the official twitter blog , speculation about the pope’s name generated a huge number of tweets. Reaching 7 million on the subject. Later, when the Cameroon B2B List official account pontifex published the phrase.“habemus papam franciscum, the followers . Who exceed one million seven hundred – retweeted the phrase more than 71 thousand times. Later, the media would say it didn’t break the Barak obama tweet record , but it wasn’t all ‘bad’. The blog points out that official figures registered 130,000 tweets per minute, related to the pope. Once the background of the new pope, the argentine jorge mario bergoglio .

Until a Few Hours Ago, Argentine Cardinal, He

Cameroon B2B List

Cameroon B2B List congratulations for him and the argentine people, as well as photos of those who knew him. The greeting of the president of argentina is especially noteworthy, which was tweeted from her personal account. They say, to avoid the gossip of those who believe that, until a few hours ago, argentine cardinal, he would have had very bad relations with the kirchners. After the greeting and blessing of the holy father, now francis . The movement did not stop and the various hastags continue to populate the internet. There is something for everyone.

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