Its objective is to generate a connection between the user and the company. What does a Social Media Manager do? To make the differences between each one a little clearer, here is a list with the activities of the Social Media Manager: Know in depth the sector in which the company or business is located. Manage the Social Media area. Coordinate and supervise the Community Managers. Prepare communication plans and strategic actions of the brand in the medium term.

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Wisely manage the budget for different actions of the strategy. Establish a strategy to build and develop channels that reinforce engagement. Define promotional campaigns , contests, paid advertising, events and product launches in coordination with the marketing area to apply on platforms that you want to have a presence. Create the content strategy , writing style Australia Phone Number and its scheule. Segment the market to which the communication and advertising will be directe. Measure the results of your strategy. Select the tools that will be use to perform your campaign tasks. Dealing with reputation crises in social networks. Analyze the results of the reports provided by the Community Manager to identify threats, opportunities and measure the response of the actions.

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Based on the results, you can make decisions to implement improvements. What does a Community Manager do? The Community Manager is the Contact Lists professional who is in charge of: Create pages on social media platforms and optimize them according to the image that has been defind in the strategy. Put on the brand’s shirt and be its prophet. Create, find and curate valuable content for social media platforms , taking into account that it can be presentd in multiple formats: videos, infographics, tweets, posts, among others. Schedule, schedule and publish posts and/or tweets at the appropriate times. Listen to users and respond to their comments or queries. This adds value to the service.

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