According to data shared by hootsuite, during 2017 advertisers . Increased spending on advertising within facebook by 40 percent. A figure that remained constant until the first quarter of 2018 and suggests. That millions of advertisers continue to bet on the development of campaigns in this space. However, there are many who fail to experience the desired results when starting them. Mistakes can be diverse and no one is exempt from making them. However, there are at least 5 mistakes in facebook ads that can damage your campaigns. And reduce the resources allocated to them.

This Time We Will See What Those Errors Are and We Will Tell

You what you can do to prevent or solve them. Errors in facebook ads that you should avoid. Your ads are bidding against the brand as you may Buy Greece WhatsApp Numbers already know. Before reaching the public, the ads undergo an auction process to compete with others. Which are aimed at the same audience, the competition is for the opportunity to receive clicks from the audience or achieve. The goal that have been assigned to them. The auction model means that the brand only pays when the action is completed (such as getting clicks). The first of these errors in facebook ads arises because. It is possible that with all this process. The bid for your ads is competing against other bids on your same page but belonging to other campaigns. Or ad sets that have the same target audience.

The Problem Is That as Soon as You Target the Exact Same

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Audience with multiple campaigns or ad sets in the same period, you put these elements in direct competition against each other, I.E. You are trying to position 2 different ads in the same place. , at the same time to be shown to the public, and when this happens, your campaigns will most likely underperform. The main recommendation to address this issue is to avoid choosing the same audiences for multiple campaigns or ad sets, however if you really have to do that, consider working with custom audiences by excluding audience segments based on their engagement or lack thereof with your ads, page, site or posts.

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