You can then connect directly to their practice and offer alternatives Hong Kong Phone Number List that lead to the desired result in the future. Do you see skills that need to be develope? Or behavior that is counterproductive? Then you immediately have an opening to start a conversation about it based on what you see. In this way, the desired change or development for employees Hong Kong Phone Number List becomes something tangible. It is about their world and not about the abstraction of management. Psychological Factors What are the psychological factors that play a role in this? If a large part of the staff has already experienced the necessary change processes.

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Every wrong word works as an reinforcement of what you Hong Kong Phone Number List could call a conditioning. Just like Ivan Pavlov’s dog at the end of the nineteenth century, in the now world-famous experiment. The dog that started salivating spontaneously at the mere hearing of a bell, even before the food was given. Pavlov had taught him this unconscious reflex. Pavlov’s reflex So in Hong Kong Phone Number List teams and organizations many employees are treated like dogs, you could say. Not because of a dictatorial regime, but because of the Pavlovian reflex that managers have taught their employees over the years.

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By ringing the bell over and over, just like Pavlov (using the wrong words Hong Kong Phone Number List and subconsciously framing change as vague and therefore negative), employees will start salivating after a while when a change process is started again. And that is not drooling from Hong Kong Phone Number List pleasure or hunger, but from pure frustration. Are you a manager yourself? Then check to what extent you behave as the boss of your employees and how you may unconsciously condition them. Do you have an owner? Then you are either a very smart dog who can read this article or it is time for a good conversation with your manager.

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