And to retrieve that data, the use of game mechanics is a lucrative means. By challenging the users to engage in a playful interaction, a game database can collect detailed insights about the values, behavior and reactions of individuals to a brand, service or product. However, it is important to process this data intelligently. Here too, gamification Saudi Arabia Phone Number offers a solution because the front-end. Can be set up very sharply based on the specific question of a company. But it can be much smarter! Instead of directing a customer based on Saudi Arabia Phone Number assumptions. Customers can also be stimulated to inspire marketers and product designers. Imagine a virtual environment in which customers can move freely.

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What do they prefer, what do they choose? What has priority and what are they neglecting? Maybe they can even create things! Now imagine the wealth of data, ideas and insights such a game can provide to marketers and product developers and you see the marketing game of the future. Also read: Gamification while working from home: this is how you cross everything off your to-do list One of the first games developed around the player’s choice is The Stanley Parable from 2011. That already indicates that the infinite games market, but certainly is also growing for infinite marketing environments.


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Virtual and real will increasingly merge The future of gamification. Is inextricably linked to the far-reaching digital development of our society. Where before you played a ‘role’ in a game, in the future you may be the avatar of yourself in the digital version of your reality. Virtual and real will increasingly merge. What we think and do. Will be translated more accurately into data and will be available to even more parties. This makes behavioral change and influencing easier. Fantastic? Scary? I feel something for both. In any case, it requires a strong manifesto, if not new regulations in the field of ethics. More and more people are making podcasts.

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