“Empathy is the ability to perceive, in a common context, what another individual may feel. It is also described as a feeling of affective participation of one person in the reality that affects another”.

Most brands say they focus their strategies on the customer, some even believe it, although they have not yet translated the words into actions. Successful companies that work optimally experience each point of contact – Starbucks, BMW, Amazon, etc. – They do it by focusing their strategies effectively on the customer.

Most companies focus their strategies on selling, not on generating an experience or providing a service that translates into an economic benefit. The attention is usually not directed to the customer, to understand him and to provide a differentiated service based on it, if the attention is not directed to selling, the more the better. Forgetting that most of the time the best salesperson is the client himself, it is only about understanding him to Malaysia WhatsApp Number List  drive his decision based on his motivations or needs.

This requires empathy, a word that is not often heard in the business world. However, empathy is fundamentally what is required to generate a connection, which translates into attention and loyalty from customers; listen and be heard. Empathy on the part of a brand is understanding its consumers and responding based on it consistently at all points of contact.

Which implies understanding that not all clients are the same, each one has different functional and emotional motivations, the challenge therefore is to establish the appropriate process so that from the economic point of view and our value proposition, through the appropriate processes we can serve you in the most personal way possible. Today this seemed impossible a few years ago thanks to technology has become relatively simple through proper information management.

The lack of knowledge about the client leads to the creation of unified messages, experiences and processes that make them unhuman or emotional. Taken to the extreme, these brands scream “I love you, but I don’t know your name”, which ends up determining the choice based on functional elements, most of the time the price.

Based on empathy, as a key element in the generation of experiences, with what this implies in terms of honesty and transparency, success lies in building it around the consumer, responding in a relevant way to their wishes, adapting to their needs and doing so accordingly. simple, easy and humane way, which implies adding value to your life.

Finally, it is worth remembering that the experience is not a moment in time, it is a mental state that is generated in the form of association in the mind of the consumer permanently. With empathy, without a doubt, this association, we all like to listen and to be listened to, part of that is about human relationships; both professional and personal.

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