York Pizza will not be able to do that… Photo of New York Pizza’s Qatar Phone Number List PR stunt. The campaign was widely criticize and labele misogynistic. Others found the reference to the carnival hit funny and daring in the days of the #MeToo movement. New York Pizza responde that the cauliflower pizzas are selling well and that the campaign has been talke about a lot. As far as they were Qatar Phone Number List concerne, the goal had been achieve. What can we learn from this? That – in some cases – there is no such thing as bad PR. 3. Lize Korpershoek In the context of sex sells, but precisely ‘not having’: the documentary ‘My sex is broken’ by Lize Korpershoek (34). In this documentary, Lize investigates why her sex drive often disappears in her relationships after the first crush.

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The hype got even bigger when another artist turned it into Qatar Phone Number List performance art and ate the banana. That was just possible, because the fuss around the artwork was exactly what Cattelan was after. The artwork made you think: the banana could be seen Qatar Phone Number List everywhere, from social media to all the newspapers. The reactions ranged from ‘is this art?’ to ‘a powerful statement’. The fuss about the artwork is therefore part of the artwork, and can therefore be called successful (all three bananas have been sold). Photo of the artwork by artist Maurizi Cattelan: the banana. 5. Shock campaign: Victim Fashion from ProRail In April 2019, ProRail launched the ‘Victim Fashion, created by accident’ campaign.


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What can we learn from this? As a public figure, do not seek Qatar Phone Number List publicity on your own if your innocence has yet to be proven. And always listen to your communication advisor! 2. I Have Very Large Cauliflowers Apparently it still applies in 2019: sex sells. The introduction of New York Pizza’s cauliflower base caused quite a stir, and it certainly didn’t do them any harm. The posterQatar Phone Number List  shows a woman holding two large cauliflowers in front of her bare body, with the text above them: ‘Cauliflower can be this delicious’. Clearly inspired by André van Duin’s carnival hit, but the average visitor to New

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