Having a good product, something that is really novel and of quality and that manages to offer something that consumers really want and seek should be the key to succeeding in the market. If you have the product that everyone needs, that should be enough by itself to succeed. But, nevertheless, the quality product is only one leg of the framework and is, simply, one more element of what brands must do to succeed in the market. A good product is only part of the game: to this we must add being able to make things connect with consumers, that the product reaches those who may need to get hold of it.

That is, it does not matter how good the product is and how much the brand can offer with it if later it does not manage to make the product Algeria Phone Number List connect with potential consumers. If you fail to stand out amid the avalanche of possible products to buy that exist on the market and if you fail to succeed in the midst of the increasing amount of noise that the consumer himself receives every day, he will never be a success. That is, if you cannot stand out amidst the avalanche of things that are circulating before the consumer every day, you will not be able to make them know and buy your product either. For all these reasons, making a good product is not the only thing that a brand should take care of. You also have to have a good marketing strategy and you also have to be able to create compelling messages that help position you against your competitors.

As they recall in an analysis, without a good marketing strategy behind, no matter how good the products are, it is most likely that no one will discover them and that potential consumers will never connect with their existence. Marketing helps the product to leave its environment, to reach those potential buyers, and with this, sales are increased, a reputation for the product and for the brand is created and it is possible to compete in the market.

Taking into account also that every day more and more products are launched on the market and that therefore each time brands have to try to position themselves against more and more products, the importance of marketing becomes greater. Brands have to be able to connect with consumers if they want their products to have a chance.

A short life on the market
The importance of marketing is crucial, even in those sectors in which other types of elements are seen as much more important. In the world of innovation, for example, it is often thought that what is important is not so much how the product is told but rather that the product is truly innovative. The truth is that the marketing and presentation of the product in the market is as important as it could be in another niche.

In fact, one of the latest studies has shown how, although many products are launched (as is the case in Asia), the technology does not work at all in the market without marketing (as is also the case in Asia). Of all the products that are launched in that market, according to a study by Nielsen, only 1% can really be considered a success. As one of the experts who conducted the study explains, the importance of marketing is not only crucial during launch, but also during the life of the product. It is not worth just making a launch in style, then you have to maintain the article, you have to have a certain consistency in the marketing strategy so that the product does not end up falling out of the market.

The issue is not new, furthermore. Some experts believe that if Microsoft succeeded in the early 90s and, above all, if it managed to beat Apple at that time, it was because the company’s marketing strategy was, then, much better than that of Apple and its other competitors. By hiring a marketer (Steve Ballmer), the company not only managed to find its place in the market but also sell it better than the competition.

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