Who has not wanted to travel the world at some time? Most people love to travel and see new places. However the high prices of plane tickets. Added to the stay in hotels or hostels. Limits the budget a bit when traveling. Here we will show you an innovative way to have a stay at no cost. Doing couchsurfing ‘.  Luxembourg B2B List More related notes federer’s unusual commercial as the face of nike. The 3 pillars of success for a community manager . The great business of advertising on facebook .This is a global page that, as its name says. Allows you to go ‘couch to couch’ with strangers from all over the world.

The Site Is Mainly Focused on Globetrotters, People

Who continually travel and who seek to get to know the most diverse geographical locations, economically. Each user develops a profile where he tells a little about his life, his experiences, what places he has visited and what languages ​​he speaks. The idea is Luxembourg B2B List that the benefits are reciprocal, and when you are not traveling, you are willing to host foreigners. The person who hosts imposes certain conditions to receive strangers, which are detailed in the profile, for example:“Couch available. And you: Would you dare to do CouchSurfing?

Maybe Host Children: Yes Accomodate Pets

Luxembourg B2B List

No Maximum “surfers” per night: 4 Maximum length of stay: 2 nights” You can also look at any user’s profile and review comments from people who have hosted, or been hosted, to see what the experience was like there. All this information is essential when asking a stranger to be your host, since it is necessary to know where you are going to stay. Likewise, it is required that you have a well-formed profile, to generate trust, and that it is easier to achieve the purpose of the free stay abroad. The page has Luxembourg B2B List given tremendous results.

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