In the middle of a community managers conversation. I listen to how some make their declaration of principles. X assures that facebook continues to be the best Kiribati B2B List platform for digital marketing . That it has worked for her and points out many of the logical benefits of the network. Meanwhile, y confesses that he no longer even has an account, that he closed it because he prefers twitter for concise texts. Instagram when uploading photos, and linkedin for business promotion. So the question arises. Do you choose digital tools for yourself or for the company? The question reminds me of the typical questioning of the time. When I started doing radio – the end of the eighties. A time when we could program the music we wanted.

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Kiribati B2B List of the program and the locution . When we had the freedom to promote to an artist. If he seemed talented to us. Of course, on occasions, your own taste overrode the logic of the commercial and you did not always hit the nail. On the head, because you forgot that you had to please “The people” and therefore you had to choose “The popular”. Something similar Kiribati B2B List happens in marketing . At times we forget that. Although we think we know more than the client. Social media strategies are not based on our beliefs or personal tastes. But on what our clients need and use. If your business is oriented towards brazil or india, for example, you should consider using orkut instead of facebook. Since it is the preferred network for a large part of the population of those countries. With figures around 50% of the population.

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Kiribati B2B List

 Tips to choose your networks well in the digital marketing strategy to follow. Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Analyze what your customers’ needs are to Kiribati B2B List discover which social platforms they use. Why and what they use them for. Ask, don’t be afraid. It is preferable that you invest a little time in research so that you can deliver the message in the right place. Analyze your analytics tools. Every week you should analyze the situation in your networks, so you will know . What your greatest successes are and you can adjust your strategy according to them. Your client is not equal to the competition . The fact that the competition uses certain social networks. Does not mean that you have to use the same ones as them. Each company or product. Like the human being, is different and needs another treatment. Contact your customers.

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