If the content on the pages does not match the category with which they are tagg., the algorithm will penalize that page. Page age. The pages that have been publish. for the longest time have better authority and can rank better under certain circumstances. Content visibility. The contents of the pages must not be hinder. by Popups or ads that prevent their reading. The structure of the contents . The format and structure of your content can help you win the snippets: the quick results that Google shows at the beginning of the SERPKeywords.

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The use of keywords must be balanc. and distribut. organically in the content. At the website level For a good SEO execution, consider that there are general website factors that Google takes into account to give preference to certain content in the SERPS: Website reputation . If your site receives positive mentions and links from prestigious digital m.ia, it will improve France Phone Number the positioning of your pages. Usability and user experience. The user experience is very important to SEO, your site must be easy to navigate so that users do not leave your pages quickly. Trustrank. The algorithm evaluates that your website receives safe and trustworthy backlinks, from sites that do not have penalties.

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Contact information. For Google it is important to authenticate websites. Sharing contact information and social networks facilitates this task and helps organic positioning. Terms of service and privacy. User safety is a priority for the algorithm, this information Contact Lists allows knowing the browsing conditions. Website architecture. Search engines ne. to be able to understand the logical structure of your site to know what it is about. Sitemap . It is a code document that allows Google to understand the layout of the pages to know in what circumstances to recommend them. It is essential for your Search Engine Optimization strategy.

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