From sending your Google Click ID (GCLID) to your CRM to exporting your entire. CRM data to a DMP or analytics platform. These solutions have several things in common. A unique variable that appears in the different data sources. So that they can Spain Phone Number be linked together (for example, a Client ID or a GCLID). An export of your offline (CRM) data containing the missing data (such as lead status, contract value or customer lifetime value). A link of this offline data with your online campaign or analytics platform (for example to Google Ads, Google Spain Phone Number Analytics or a DMP). Periodic import-export of the data, whether or not manually or automatically via an API. Get started with implementing OCT.

To Let People Take Action

The OCT implementation process differs per website and type of company. However, the steps you have to go through are roughly the same, and they don’t have to be complicated at all. Often adding a single field in a conversion form is enough to send the right information to your CRM. To give an example of how to use OCT, let’s look at an implementation for Google Ads. Not only because this is a reasonably accessible way to introduce OCT, but also because a large part of all advertisers use Google Ads. In addition, Google itself explains the process step by step.


People Take Action

Define your conversion actions Suppose, as in the previous example. We prefer to focus on registered customers instead of generated leads. With this insight, we can evaluate campaigns that may bring in a lot of leads, but generate few customers. We will then have to make a link between measuring a lead form and the lead status in our CRM. This lead status must then be measured as ‘conversion’ when the status changes from ‘lead’ to ‘customer or ‘closed’. Step 2. Make sure your website measures the right variables We will adjust the lead form so that it also sends the Google Click ID with the request. By adding an invisible field that also sends the GCLID, you create the unique variable that we will use to link the lead status from your CRM to the request from Google Ads.

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