Website elements such as images videos and headlines must be clearly defin. Both users and (Google) bots benefit from this. 4. Having text read aloud the Czech Republic Phone Number List Allows users to have text read by a real voice. This can done in all kinds of languages ​​with a plug-in on your website. As a result, the visitor does not need any software and he or she can listen to the text on all devices.

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In addition, there are various tools that can be used to read text on a website, such as Read speaker or BrowseAloud. Increase the customer experience for all visitors with a read-out option. The reading option is not only useful for people who are (partially) blind. Users with language difficulties, physical disabilities, cognitive impairment, or learning disabilities can also benefit from a text-to-speech solution.

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people may simply find it more pleasant to listen than to read. By offering a Read speaker option on your website, you increase the customer experience for everyone. Do you want to check whether your website meets the guidelines? You can have a quick scan performed at various internet agencies to see how your website scores on digital accessibility.

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