One of the ways to adequately project a website. Guarantee traffic and transmit the message of a brand or product is through a partial or total renovation. The following tips will help you achieve that goal, take note. Get rid of unnecessary resources remember the maxim that less is more. For this reason one of the first steps to achieve a successful renovation is to determine. The elements of the site that can hinder. The browsing experience or those that represent uncomfortable processes for the user. It is also important to analyze the direct and indirect competitors. And the feedback they have received from their own users. This will give you some information about what they like and dislike the most. Test to see if the bounce rate of your website increases with the use of pop ups.

Think the Same as the User the Internal Navigation of Your

website is extremely important, as it must provide the user with a simple and pleasant virtual experience. For this reason it is crucial to define how much effort and time users spend on your Benin WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists site to find what they are looking for, through usability tests. 3. Take care of every detail To choose the colors of your new design it is very important that you have your audience in mind: who are they? What is your average age? Are the majority men or women? Colors have a strong psychological influence on people. 4. Avoid visual pollution As we mentioned before, less is more. One of the biggest mistakes made in web design is to present irrelevant information in a clump. It is best to create a template that only contains functional and useful features for users.

Hide Long Descriptions Below the “more Info” Button

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to avoid distracting the user from relevant information. 5. Practice intuitive design Implementing an intuitive design on your website will allow users to spend a minimum of time understanding what service you offer. The purpose is to structure an intuitive, obvious, pleasant and effective page. The goal should be to achieve an intuitive, obvious, attractive and effective page. Highlight important words in bold and separate the menu bar from the content, so there will be a clear differentiation between titles and sections. Don’t place the title too far from the main content of the page, otherwise the visual relationship will be lost.

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