Georgia Phone Number List,We are experiencing a period of change, of uncertainty about the present and future of the sector, but at the same time a period in which we have realized the fundamental importance of digital asset management along the entire chain of fashion, luxury and beauty companies. According to the latest update of the McKinsey and BOF report , it is estimated that around 20% of fashion and luxury consumers will move to online channels following the Covid-19 crisis, due to a social distancing that will last for months. globally. It is evident that most of the major players in the industry have already shifted much of their efforts to digital platforms in the past couple of months.

There Are Several Steps Through Which the Risks of Loss

Especially Georgia Phone Number List for large companies with numerous teams involved. From the moment the sample is designed to the production of the first prototypes. It passes through the merchandising and purchasing team. Then to the photography, ecommerce. Pr and showroom Georgia Phone Number departments .There are several steps through which the risks of loss of information. Or physical samples and the delay in market launch can represent. A great cost to the company. For the sales team of a global brand. For example, it is estimated that delays in launching collections. On the market could amount to up to $ 1.8 million in losses.

This Is Not Only Because Online Assets Have Become

Georgia Phone Number List

Digital asset management an essential component of the new industrial landscape. As illustrated, in the midst of a crisis that has changed. The way Georgia Phone Number List consumers connect with brands. Managing brand assets through digital solutions has become paramount. This is not only Georgia Phone Number List because online assets have become the only way to launch collections to. The professional public and the final consumer, but also because monitoring. And analysis throughout the product life cycle offers crucial information. Information that helps brands understand the use. Impact and potential opportunities of each sample, resulting in quick and effective decision making.

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