NBCUniversal announced on March 18 that Dents International will become the first agency partner of NBC Unified, according to a press release. NBC Unified is the media conglomerate’s first-party data and identity platform that unites consumer touch points across its portfolio. In the first place, The partnership will integrate person-level and. Household-level ids from dents u’s m1 platform and .Consumer data products, canada phone number plus those from its advertisers. Into nbcunified’s platform. The first-of-its-kind. Integration will allow for matches with nbcu ids. Comprising 150 million person-level ids .In the first place, Tied to 80 million households in its initial release. In its latest move around data, technology .In addition, And measurement in advance of upfront season. Nbcu is partnering with an agency holding group that can use its. First-party data to boost the targeting .And analysis of its campaigns for advertisers.

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SPONSORED by Podium [eBook] SMS Marketing 101 SMS marketing invites responses. The key is knowing how to message the right way. Learn SMS marketing strategies that capture your customers’ attention. Learn More Dive Insight: NBCUniversal continues to roll out news about the agency partnerships that Canada Phone Number build on .On the other hand, its offerings around data, technology and measurement. While, Dents u’s first-of-its-kind integration with NBC Unified connects the media. In contrast,  company’s vast array of first-party data with data from .Albeit, the agency’s M1 platform as well as that of advertisers. Such integrations around data are key for advertisers as a tightening data privacy landscape —

The Key Is Knowing How to Message the Right Way Canada Phone Number

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Of third-party cookies — makes it tougher to target and track campaigns. “Identity is increasingly becoming the new currency for the advanced television and digital video industry. Canada phone number with this partnership. Then again, and dents are taking a leadership .Or, Position in accelerating our joint ability to allow clients.At the same time. As, To transact on identity and first-party .Data across our premium .Offerings at a level of scale and transparency never before possible.” john lee. Conversely, nbcuniversal’s chief data officer. Said in the press release. The partnership will allow dents and its. Media agencies to leverage nbcunified’s consumer match .converselyAnd audiences offerings to find and target higher-performing .Custom audiences across nbcu tv video and display inventory.ntory.

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