Possibly on more than one occasion one has heard someone remember that money does not buy everything and that for this reason there are issues for which one should feel grateful (even if they are not swimming in fortune). Thus, money does not buy health and neither does love. On this last point, there are so many novels and films that show how their protagonists strive to differentiate true love from that which is marked by money that finding an example is not complicated at all. One only has to walk through any bookstore or through any audiovisual content grid to achieve it. Money does not buy, by the way, happiness and swimming in millions does not guarantee that it will be accessed.

For brands, money is not used to buy happiness or loyalty, they must strive to understand what can really achieve it
All this talk about emotions and money has an explanation and is much more linked to what brands do or can achieve than it may seem. Because actually the same lessons can be applied to them. For brands and for companies, money is not used to buy the happiness, love and loyalty of the consumer and, therefore, they must strive to understand what can really achieve it and how they must create the necessary ties to achieve establish the relationships with consumers that will push you to do so. And, yes, we may be talking about companies and brand relations, issues that seem closely linked directly to money, but money is still a not really efficient guest when it comes to energizing this party.

In fact, and as you recall in an analysis that was just published in The Huffintong Post, despite all that it may seem, money cannot buy a like either. Kuwait Phone Number List The network may be full of those who sell followers on social networks or keys to get them en masse, without costing the company a lot of effort, a lot of work and many hours of content management and activity on social networks. Despite all this, and despite all those promises, a ‘I really like’ (and therefore one that has value for the brand) cannot be bought.

Beyond popular wisdom, the truth is that to understand how this fact and this dynamic is modifying the strategy of brands and how it will affect their activities, there are a few points that are affecting the strategy of companies and which make it even more important to consider these issues. As they point out in the analysis, right now there are a kind of four tectonic forces that are modifying the marketing strategy of companies and that are forcing them to change their activity and modify how they try to reach consumers.

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