But you know how it goes with good intentions: they slowly seep away. That’s okay. You can always start over. Rick Pastoor advises making an Israel Phone Number List quarterly plan in addition to an annual plan. He regularly writes about this in his newsletter. He does the following.

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He runs through his diary, diary entry, and photos from the past three months. Going through the brainstorming he made at the beginning of the year. He reviews his ideas to see where he is now and which ones will be relevant in the coming months. Working out concrete goals for the next 3 months: he makes a list of points that he wants to work on.

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Israel Phone Number List

These are concrete and inspiring points. Don’t have such a plan yet? Then make it for ‘the rest of the year after the summer. But what are plans if you don’t actually implement them? Set aside time each week for a “weekly review” so you can identify the next steps toward your goals. Plan space in your agenda for this, so that you really make an appointment with yourself.


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