Strategy, then amplified and expanded their efforts once they were ready. Email marketing experts all agree on the value of an email-centric, omnichannel approach. So now let’s look at three powerful ways you can use this digital id to actively improve and scale. Your marketing strategy: personalization, deliverability, and retargeting. 1. Increase email personalization more than 73% of customers. Today are looking for some level of personalization. From the brands with whom they regularly interact. The digital id is crucial to hyper-personalized, 1:1 relationship-building.

By building unified profiles around each customer’s digital id, marketers can gain. Actionable insights about how each person tends. To behave online and prefers to interact. Once you can start to mix and match email behavior with web. Behavior, you can quickly start to get really granular, and more. Effectively target content, products, ads and incentives. To each customer on an individual level. Jordie van rijn, an independent email marketing automation. Consultant, has the following wisdom to share. “behavioral triggered emails are both relevant and effective. The email address is the key to get from anonymous clicks to actionable campaigns (via customer data profiles).

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 What many marketers haven’t realized is that with the email address, you can ‘stitch’ historical anonymous behavior to the user’s profile. Say, for instance, a visitor browses your website, and adds a product to their cart without logging in. Web behavior is stored in a cookie or logged through device fingerprinting. If their email is collected in UAE phone number a subsequent session, the marketer can use the information from those cookies to start sending more targeted emails – like an abandoned cart email – from day one.” These kinds of personalized incentives, product recommendations, and time-optimized offers are usually the most effective when you begin by collecting data with email at the center.

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Improve email deliverability It’s critical that your marketing messages are actually reaching their intended recipient. While email is arguably the best way to track and measure whether your message was read by a consumer, it also comes with its own set of challenges. Firstly, just because you hit ‘send’ doesn’t mean the email is necessarily landing in the intended inbox. In fact, some 20% of emails never reach their destination – of the 12,000 emails the average B2C brand sends out each month, around 2,400 never reach the intended recipient. The key factor in the deliverability rate of your emails is not the content of the message, the sender, the call-to-action or even the subject line. 

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It’s actually just subject to the individual user’s Internet service provider (ISP) and its guidelines for accepting email. Different ISPs have unique ways of protecting their customers from spam, and their own set of bounce codes and policies. The most personalized email design and content mean nothing if it isn’t hitting the intended inbox because of ISP guidelines. If your messages aren’t making it to your recipient, you’re missing out on significant revenue opportunities. The answer is to track the user’s ISP using their Digital ID to gain an understanding of which kinds of emails will and won’t make it through the filters.

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