No later than September 23, 2020, each government site will Taiwan Phone Number List have its own accessibility statement. This is mandatory. The statement explains how the site complies with the new guidelines. You can request the declaration via Logius’ free filling-in assistant . In order to obtain a statement, you must first investigate the digital accessibility of the site. It is not Taiwan Phone Number List mandatory to outsource this to a research agency. There is also no such thing as an official quality mark. As an organization, you can also conduct the research yourself. You process the results of this in an action plan, in which you indicate which actions you are going to take to get a digitally accessible site.

With An Effective Return

You also indicate with motivation where and how you may Taiwan Phone Number List deviate. You must stick to this action plan. Timely realization of the planning is sufficient. If possible, you should be able to account for this during an audit. Your driver is responsible for the statement on the site. He or she should be known in the investigation and action plan. The director may also want to Taiwan Phone Number List involve a lawyer and have digital accessibility included as a discussion point in the progress meetings. Make it a positive ‘frame’: your director has an interest in the accessibility of the site, it is a steering tool to be in control with the site . Accessibility also helps with the findability of the site and the content via search engines such as Google.

Taiwan Phone Number ListTaiwan Phone Number List

Finally, remember that all measures you take to make your site Taiwan Phone Number List accessible are good for all visitors. 7. Clear naming of images and attachments Just like a clear name for hyperlinks, files, images, infographics and other attachments should also be given a clear Taiwan Phone Number List name. A few tips: The title should be short and sweet. You build up file names in a consistent way. Use a maximum of 30 characters and only use the characters: 0-9, AZ and az. If you choose a date, use the template YYYYMMDD. Avoid strange characters, periods or other characters to separate words.

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