The purchase process that the consumer goes through from the moment he is aware of the need he has until he executes the purchase decision, called “Sales Funnel” is divided into three phases. We must know what phase our client is in to guide our content marketing strategy to offer the most appropriate content at all times, TOFU, MOFU and BOFU.

What is the sales funnel?

The funnel / sales funnel, also known as the marketing funnel, is the systematic and visual process, divided into several stages where the different phases that a user has to go through are defined from the moment they contact us until they decide to buy the product. or service we offer.

Phases of the marketing funnel
How we have advanced, the process from the moment in which the client is attracted to a topic until he is aware that he has a need and therefore needs to acquire a product or service, is divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1. Need and Attention (Awareness). The user is interested in a topic but is not yet aware of the need for it.

Phase 2. Consideration. The user is already aware that he has a need and seeks information to solve it.

Phase 3. Decision. The client is ready to choose the product / service that solves his need.

This funnel keeps getting smaller and smaller. So we must either achieve maximum impacts at the top of the funnel or be very efficient in our Ivory Coast Phone Number List  content marketing strategy so as not to lose users along the way.

Content marketing strategy according to the phases of the marketing funnel
Phase 1. Awareness. We must promote TOFU content, or what is the same, Top of the Funnel. It is about informing the user by giving answers to her concerns as well as attracting as many visitors as possible. For this we can carry out a content marketing strategy through quality articles, webinars, guides or ebooks.

It is important, to differentiate them, offer information of great value, rich in keywords and that responds to the needs of the user. The content must be 100% educational and not commercial.

Phase 2. Consideration. In this phase we will focus on MOFU or Middle of the Funnel content. We must offer much more elaborate content that responds to the user’s need so that they begin to see us as an option to consider to satisfy their need.

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