Currently, SPAIN BUSINESS FAX LIST most people are able to recognize what a community manager is. However, few know how complex it is and how difficult. It is to keep a brand current through social media. In this article we will debunk myths about this transcendental role. So undervalued by some. History tells us that this trade began as the character who answered queries on company websites. Before 1996, his work was basically answering questions, the invisible face of the company. In the “contact us” section. Already in the second half of the nineties. The use of the internet began to become widespread. The beginning of social networks .Search engines and easy-to-reach web pages.

The Exponential Growth of Social Networks Made

Companies enter this world to obtain more diffusion and reach people. For this they needed a person who would play the role of “connector” between a large company and a common citizen. Thanks to that need, what we know today as Community Manager was born. A common SPAIN BUSINESS FAX LIST mistake people make is to think that the role of the CM is basically to “play” on the Internet and interact with the public . What they do not always know is that the knowledge behind and the emphasis that one gives in each publication, article or statement, have a commercial and strategic purpose, which are part of a general marketing plan . In addition, there is a lot of work behind it that implies a previous study and during the communication process, of various measurements (audience, reach, engagement , etc.

For Some, the Title Question – Is a Cm Made or Born


May be somewhat arrogant, considering that the role has just acquired a professional rank. However, this questioning is essential to determine the profile of a Community Manager . For the position, SPAIN BUSINESS FAX LIST it is necessary to be creative, informed, have knowledge about the area in which you are working and know how to publish certain information so that it results in a certain reaction in the reader. So we talk about criteria, which is difficult to learn if you haven’t always had it. The phrase “anyone can be a CM” is false . And while it is true, most of the characteristics that are needed to be a good professional can be developed, when there is no initiative, there is no formula to become creative, unfortunately. There are methods and studies to enhance it, however, it is necessary to have some raw material. If you consider yourself proactive, informed and creative, with study.

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