Vietnam B2B List With its new digital campaign. Coca cola points out that the best way to describe the sensation of drinking. Its product is an “ahhh” sound. That’s why he invites you to explore all the ways to make. That sound through a series of websites that start at and then keep going by Vietnam B2B List adding more ahs. And what is grace? The entertainment lies in the fact that each micro site. Has an activity to carry out that is not only limited to games

In Addition to the Usual Links for Facebook and Twitter

There are quite a few but to curious experiences such . As an infinity of characters that open their mouths in .Which they contain another character with their mouths open and so on. Like russian dolls, all saying “ahhh”. You can also test your breathing capacity by trying to beat. The system Vietnam B2B List with the length of your own “ahh” sound. And since the idea is to generate movement and interaction. In addition to the usual links for facebook and twitter the public is also invited to participate by giving. Ideas for new micro-sites that aim to promote the “ahh”.

Cola Beverages Keeps Us Aware of the Brand

Vietnam B2B List

Without a doubt, Vietnam B2B List the campaign is very attractive and creativity is overflowing in the more than 12 sections of experiences that we can find, reinforcing the brand in each one of them (can it be reinforced more?. In an action that seems very simple, but that requires a series of investments Vietnam B2B List in terms of design and implementation, the giant of Cola beverages keeps us aware of the brand, at all ages. We invite you to try it.

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