In fact, the digital entrepreneur, posting 9 posts dedicated to the project . On her Instagram channel, achieved a total miv® of $ 4.4m . The post that achieved . The highest media impact value tm was the one dedicated to the pop-up nespressoxchiaraferragni café recently opened in piazza del carmine in Milan. Which raised $ 636k in miv®.The café has been successful Denmark Phone Number List both online and not. Attracting both many followers of the influencer but also passers-by and curious. Who could not resist stopping to taste a coffee customized with the logos of the two brands.

Entrepreneur Has Shared 6 Posts in Partnership

Denmark Phone Number List with Bulgari . Accumulating, with her personal Instagram profile alone, a total miv® of $ 5.64m. The most performing post. Published on the Denmark Phone Number occasion of the event organized by. The brand following the evening at the tetra allay Scala in Milan to present . Its “Magnificat” collection, of which Chiara is precisely an ambassador. Reached an incredible $ 881k in miv®. To date, this collaboration, which also includes a series of co-branding products between Nespresso and .The Chiara firangi brand, has reached the second step of the podium in terms of miv®.

On May 10 It Was the Turn of Bulgari’s Announcement.

Denmark Phone Number List

Chiara firangi ‘s influence shows no signs of stopping. As mf fashion also announces , which explains how the collaborations signed by the digital . Entrepreneur Denmark Phone Number List continue to depopulate on the web. In the last three months, from April to June 2021. Four important partnerships with brands of international importance have been communicated. We went to analyze them. On may Denmark Phone Number List 10 it was the turn of Bulgari’s announcement. Chiara firangi was in fact presented as the new ambassador for the roman jewelry brand.

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