The implementation of chatbots increasingly common in digital strategies that include customer service. Also however, beyond the obvious benefits of this technology. It is important to analyze whether the possible dehumanization of our brand. Communication is convenient for the perception we want to generate of it. The use of chatbots offers interesting benefits. Such as an immediate response 24 hours a day. The standardization of the service, and the ability to continue learning with each conversation. They have with a user (machine learning). Gaschat , a mexican company specializing in the implementation of chatbots.The development of artificial intelligence, affirms that for this year. The advances in chatbots have to do with improving the response speed of these services.

Conversation Levels Equivalent to Those of Humans , Voice Assistants

Offer personalized services. As background, we can mention eliza . Which experts consider to be the first attempts at talking robots.  His program  Nigerian email database  recognized keywords. Asked about them like a psychologist. Again the 2018 state of chatbots study published by drift. A strong conversational marketing platform. States that 15 percent of those surveyed had used a chatbot service in the last 12 months. In the midst of this trend, users state that the main advantages.

Resolve Their Problems and Complaints Effectively, Obtain

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Answers and detailed explanations to their doubts. The fact that it is less and less imperceptible when we are chatting with a robot. Not with a human is of great importance, since closeness. Friendliness and efficiency in attention are factors. That directly impact the perception that customers have of a mark. However, the response services provided via social networks. As well as those provided by telephone. Are not entirely satisfactory. One of the main complaints of call centers .The difficulties that arise when wanting to speak with a flesh and blood executive. The menus of these services are designed so that. The last option we can access is a voice that listens to you and solves your problems. Because in theory. The needs of all users will be included in the menu recordings .There will be few cases that a human will have to solve.

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