The prestigious fashion brand, created by the french designer. Coco chanel is on its anniversary, and it is no less than 100 years old. In this time it has gone from being a small store in deauville. To becoming one of the most prestigious chains in world fashion in general. With Buy Italy B2B Email Database boutiques in the most important cities and in the most exclusive neighborhoods in all latitudes. To celebrate this centenary, the company has released a short film showing coco chanel’s beginnings in fashion.

“Once Upon a Time” Is the Name of the Glamorous Short Film

That chanel has presented showing the life of its creator. And her beginnings in the first store opened in 1913. Originally called mademoiselle chanel. She would have Buy Italy B2B Email Database chosen this particular location as at the time. It was the preferred summer resort of the parisian elite. This short was filmed in just two days. And had the executive direction of karl lagerfeld (one of the most influential fashion designers today and creative director of the company.) who emphasized that this production is an “Authentic cinematographic runway” .

The Short Has Been Very Well Received by Countless

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Chanel fans around the world, since as usual. It has been a work of very good taste and it shows in the public’s response. Chanel has celebrated one hundred years. At the pinnacle of sophistication and exclusivity that implies a leading global fashion brand. How did you get it? In part Buy Italy B2B Email Database because of the great advertising campaigns. And how well they were achieved, since we clearly find ourselves with a company that seeks. The highest standards in terms of product and marketing. Which has resulted in resounding success over time.

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