Test it out using focus groups and user testing sites (e.g., Userfeel, Peek, and Morae) to. Figure out if the game has the optimal level of difficulties to maintain. Interest and excitement without becoming too difficult and boring. Fast-food chain Chipotle successfully used gamification to push ethical food sourcing uniquely. They created a game that allows users to visit an animated world and play the role. Of a farmer who becomes more successful. By using more natural and sustainable ingredients. The player of the game had to complete tasks like carrying crates of vegetables through dangerous obstacles. 

The game consisted of three different worlds and the player moved through several levels. While exciting, the game was not overly complicat, and the reward system was easy. Prizes were distribut electronically to those who earn at least three stars out of five in each game world. Within days of its release, the Chipotle smartphone game was downloaded more than 3  ,    times. 6. Take time to make it fun Do you think that your business is not fun? Probably you can come up with an endless array of things. In life that are not fun such as surgery, changing a dirty diaper, or clipping toenails. 

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However, some of the most popular games in the past few years have used quite banal ideas as their thematic hooks – waiting tables (Diner Dash), diapering a baby (Diaper Dash), planting crops (FarmVille), and doing other people’s nails (Sally’s Salon). Whatever your product or service might be, including elements of fun can help to Morocco phone number dilute the intimidation of advertising and make it more consumer-friendly.  touched upon an often delicate subject for women with their Camp Gyno ad, which tackles the subject with honesty, humor, and heart. Read his latest posts or follow him  inferences about other people and situations may be drawn in an illogical fashion.

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SavingsQuest, for instance, has transformed the typical money-saving experience into something more appealing by creating a gamified website and mobile app that uses challenges, badges, and messaging to motivate users to reach their financial goals. Image Source: USA Today 7. Bring it to the next level with augmented reality Augmented reality, which displays virtual information in a physical environment, has become an innovative tool that enables marketers to enrich the relationship between a consumer and a brand. Gamification strategies rely on customer engagement, so by integrating augmented reality into your gamification strategy, you can design a completely immersive experience that will captivate your audience like never before.

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Therefore, L’Oreal’s Makeup Genius is a great example of an immersive gamification app. It turns a smartphone into a magic mirror and allows the user to try on various shades of cosmetics. The Makeup Genius app can capture 64 facial points, up to 1   expressions, and track head movements of up to 6  degrees, which allows the virtual makeup to move with you as you turn your head, change your facial expression, and test out new looks at various angles. Image Source: Makeup Genius The bottom line Gamification isn’t just a marketing buzzword. It’s a way to trigger real, powerful human emotions that can trigger better customer experiences, increased engagement, and unbelievable brand loyalty.

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