Customer satisfaction research is almost always about the choices that the organization has already made for the customer. ‘What do you Bulgaria Phone Number think of our services?’ Unfortunately, customer satisfaction is rarely about the Bulgaria Phone Number employee’s mandate.


Be careful with forcible channel

Marketing could do a little better to make Bulgaria Phone Number service part of the marketing mix. Good accessibility, expert employees, a proactive attitude of the organization and genuine interest in the customer can contribute to the appreciation of the brand. Marketers can take a look at CX Lab’s research on channel preference and channel Bulgaria Phone Number choice trends .

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Inquire about the customer experience

Marketing could more often instruct customer service to proactively call customers for a good conversation. Every Dutch health insurer takes part in the large switching circus around the turn of the year. But which insurer will inform you in July or August how it feels to have opted for our organization six months ago?Are there marketers who ask these relatively new customers how they prefer to be treated and what their preferred channels are? Perhaps then you can differentiate better; smart technology abounds that can facilitate this.