It is one of those statements that are repeated over and over again in recent times and one of those that statistics only reaffirm. Consumers are more and more focused on their mobile devices, which have become a fundamental part of their daily lives and one they use for practically anything.

This growing weight of mobile terminals has, therefore, to have an adequate echo in Ecuador Phone Number List the activity of companies. Companies have to be able to be ‘up to date’ when it comes to mobile terminals and they have to be able to offer adequate services to consumers who use them to access their websites, their services or their attention systems. to the client.

But, despite the fact that studies do nothing more than emphasize over and over again the importance of mobile terminals, the truth is that brands are being quite ineffective when it comes to doing their homework. At the same time that studies and more studies appear highlighting the importance of mobile devices, studies and more studies appear that show that brands are doing a poor job when it comes to catching up.

The last of these studies is from Adobe and returns to give quite worrying figures regarding what companies are doing in mobile strategy. According to their conclusions, which AdWeek collects, only 20% of companies have a mobile marketing strategy that goes beyond the immediate. That is the percentage of firms that say they are working with a mobile strategy that goes beyond the next twelve months. The rest is, therefore, simply plugging holes. Considering that the survey is global in scope, the numbers are even more worrying.

And if only these few brands are really working to get their homework done going forward, many are the ones that aren’t really doing anything. According to their conclusions, 80% of brands have yet to develop their marketing strategy on mobile terminals.

But they are aware of the moving weight
The data is even more complex and surprising when you look at how companies view the mobile market. 63% of brands consider that the mobile experience and its quality is more important since the quality of their desktop experience. To this is added that brands indicate that 37% of their traffic is already mobile, a figure that exceeds the 31% of the same study two years ago and that will also be quickly surpassed. The companies expect mobile traffic to reach half in the next twelve months.

Something similar happens with m-commerce. 28% of e-commerce, 21% more than last year, is already done from mobile devices, showing that consumers are increasingly active in this field.

In other words, the data paints a complex picture in which brands are aware that mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful, but in which there are still many things to do. Companies are working in the short term, but they are not doing it with a much broader vision and much more focused on what will happen in the future, something that, if they really want to achieve good results, they will have no choice but to end up doing.

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