Anyone visiting a museum where Modernist art can be seen will come across quite a few works by René Lalique. He may see jewelry, but he will likely come across a couple of perfume bottles as well. How can a bottle of perfume get into a museum collection and what does it matter what happened at the beginning of the century to understand the role that perfume packaging has today?

Lalique started making perfume bottles when he decided to abandon jewelry Namibia Phone Number List making and did so with very modern ideas. Coty, the French perfumer of the day (and the starting point for one of today’s perfume empires), asked him to create a bottle that was unique and exceptional. The perfumer wanted to differentiate himself from the competition and Lalique created a unique bottle, highly decorated and for which it was not necessary to use cardboard. The name of the perfume was engraved on the stopper. The perfume and its packaging quickly became popular and, incidentally, the

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