Tips for a flying start in change processes Finally, I’ll give you a few tips for Indonesia Phone Number List making a flying start in communication around change processes. 1. Emotion of your employees Make sure you respond to the emotions of your employees. You do this by understanding and naming their pain and their desire. In order to be able to name them, you must of course get to know them well. That is why, before you even start a change, you must first thoroughly delve into the experience world and the daily Indonesia Phone Number List work of your employees. Sometimes it is necessary for a manager to feel the pain, because it may well be that employees do not yet realize that they need to change something in attitude and behavior in order to raise the quality of the work to a higher level.

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But then it immediately becomes clear what you mean and what is Indonesia Phone Number List needed. You touch the emotion. Then attention is paid and a basis is created for change. The unconscious part of our brain then wakes up. And desire, your shared dream, is then the best Indonesia Phone Number List incentive to set the change in motion. 2. Visualizing pain and desire Visualize the consequences of the pain and the enticing future perspective, in other words the desire. This desire has everything to do with ‘the solution’, the reason for the change process. 3. Use understandable language Speak and write in the words of Aunt Toos.

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In other words: make sure that as a manager you can explain to Indonesia Phone Number List your 79-year-old aunt Toos why that change is necessary. You could even consider having a change plan, if you still need it, not written by a manager or a (communication) advisor, but by the Indonesia Phone Number List employees themselves. Let them take care of the content themselves. This way you don’t have to explain or ‘sell’ anything to your people, but you are assured of solid support. 4. Short intent Aunt Toos likes to keep it simple. State the purpose of the entire change in no more than three or four succinct points. Suppose you want to give the service to customers an impulse.