Fake news has gained relevance in recent years unfortunately. It is a concept that is becoming more and more common in people’s digital lives much.  It is due to the information shared on facebook, twitter and youtube. And despite the fact that disinformation or false news have existed for centuries.  And social networks , to the extent that they have already caused serious problems for public.The data is shocking, according to a future 2018 approaching report prepared by corporate excellence and canvas. The proliferation of disinformation or false information grew more than 365 percent between 2017 and last year.

However, It Has Been Insufficient Because the Majority.

At least this is a recent report focused on health-related news by health feedback. And credibility coalition points out. They found that most of the publications  uk mobile phone database contain false or misleading information. According to the report that considered the 100 most popular health publications of 2018. Especially those with the highest social media engagement. Less than 50 percent of the articles obtained a high credibility rating. Although, the study notes that of the totality analyzed, 45 percent received a high reliability rating versus 35 percent . However, it underlines that of the top 10 articles with the highest interaction.


It Is Not Just About Facebook. It Is Also a Co-responsibility With the Media.

uk mobile phone database

According to health feedback, a large proportion of unreliable content is due in part to sensational headlines .Intended to attract readers’ attention.  They usually do not read the content or if it sounds formal or sober. This has led all the media to look for a way to hook it and bring it to the contents.  That is, there is content with substance that provides true and pertinent information to the reader. But if the practice of making content without value is incurred. It falls in the error that the report points out: misinformation.

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