Beatrice valli is one of the best known names in the panorama of italian influencers. And for some years now she has also been a regular presence Benin Phone Number List at the venice film festival . In addition, An event highly anticipated by the most famous fashion brands competing . In addition, To dress actresses and influencers. Accomplice some spontaneous jokes or unfortunate setbacks. The media exposure of beatrice valli in the last edition of the festival has reached mind-boggling numbers. In this article of the #knowyourmiv series . We analyze the media impact value ™ (miv) obtained by beatrice valli from 3 to 9 september, at her red carpet .

Media Impact Value ™ Is Launchmetrics’ Proprietary

Algorithm that provides brands with a unified currency to measure. The value of all marketing activities across voices (media, celebrities, influencers. Own media and partners), Benin Phone Number List channels (online, social media and print). And markets, assigning a monetary Benin Phone Number amount to each post, interaction or article. Specific to the fashion, luxury and beauty sectors. Throughout the period analyzed, beatrice valli. Thanks to the mentions related to the 77th venice film festival, obtained. A total miv ™ of € 2.4m, of which 11.6% in the online channel and the remaining 88.4% in social channels .In addition,The influencer’s voice, with 6 instagram posts, alone generated an miv ™ of € 1.5m .With an average miv ™ per post of € 250k . In the online channel.

The Media Echoed the Outfits Worn by Beatrice

Benin Phone Number List

Benin phone number list on the red carpet just 3 months after giving birth. Model, successful testimonial and above all mother. A successful combination capable of generating an miv ™ of € 19.8k . In a single publication of the elle italia magazine . In addition,in addition,during the first red carpet beatrice valli wore. A dress by the lebanese designer george hobeika .Sandals rené caovilla and chopard jewels . If we analyze the numbers generated by. The influencer in more detail, we can see how the two posts dedicated to geor geos hobeika. Have reached an miv ™ of € 584k (representing 88% of the total). While if we also take into consideration all. The other mentions (online channel and social media), the total miv ™ of the collaboration reaches € 661k .

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