There is no trend in the eternally effervescent Panama Phone Number universe of marketing.  Advertising that has generated more gallons of saliva in recent months than the vaunted metaverse . Everything indicates that the advertising industry will develop a Panama Phone Number.  Passionate love affair with this concept in the coming times. And precisely for this reason Martin Sorrell CEO of S4  Capital  has decided to cast eyes on the metaverse. The former CEO of WPP has launched a venture capital fund focused on “ad tech”  data analysis and the metaverse. That was born with the aim of Panama Phone Number raising 150 million dollars.

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Named S4S Ventures  the fund has been created by Sorell. In collaboration with former WPP executive Sanja Partalo and investor Daniel Pinto .  According to The Sunday Times . For now  Sorrell and Pinto will inject $15 million from their own pockets into the venture capital fund . Which Panama Phone Number will seek to attract around $150 million in investment. S4S Ventures is Sorrell’s new business venture to invest in ad tech. Data analytics and the metaverse S4S Ventures will be headed by Partalo. Based in New York  as managing partner.

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During her time at WPP Partalo  she was responsible for strategicties in November 2021. Throughout his career  Partalo has also been part of the board of directors of Panama Phone Number companies such as Kazoo  Fatherly  Subvrsive. The Mighty and Human Right First. Speaking to The Sunday Times , Sorrell assures that the venture capital fund he has just created is a more appropriate vehicle to invest in early-stage startups than the S4 Capital company he founded in 2018 after disassociating himself from WPP .

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