One of the issues that have become crucial when it comes to connecting with consumers and one that brands are analyzing more and more carefully is the issue of emotions. Consumers have changed in recent times and have begun to create a new dynamic in their relationship with brands. Long ago, what consumers valued were other types of issues and what made a product considered important, relevant or affordable were elements other than those that matter now. Today, brands have to work based on a new dynamic of relationships and a new order of important things.

Thus, consumers now want to establish new links with brands and expect brands to relate to them in a much closer and much more personal way. They want to establish emotional ties with the products they consume and hope that brands feel like a kind of nearby element, Azerbaijan Phone Number List something for which they may feel more than simply the need to bond with brands and feel that the relationship they maintain with them goes a step beyond simply connecting with them through the purchase process. That is why more and more people talk about brands with values ​​and motivations, lovemarks or emotions in general.

But, despite the fact that the consumer is increasingly eager to establish emotional bonds and despite the fact that brands need to work more and more along that line, brands should not focus only on emotions and lose sight of everything else. As often happens every time an important issue appears or an element with the power to connect brands with their consumers, there is usually a frenzy of interest in it and an escalation usually occurs in which everyone seems to bet alone for that and nothing more than that. Yes, emotions are very important and consumers give them more and more importance, but this does not mean that you have to indulge in a boom in these messages and you do not have to use only your emotions to connect with them.

In other words, we must not lose sight of the idea that the pitcher went to the source so much that in the end it ended up breaking. That everyone launching into emotions in a massive way can have a completely different effect than what brands expect and can end up weighing down the impact of those messages. Emotions are fine, but an excess of emotions will not be so.

The boom in emotional ads
And this point is very clear in an element that is beginning to be too recurrent. You only have to take a look at the ads with which brands are trying to sell practically anything to see how the emotional has taken over the minds of the marketers of companies. Brands try to sell practically anything using the emotional. All are stories with an emotional base, which create empathy and an emotional connection in the consumer, whatever it is that you are trying to sell.

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