The Trump haters and lovers. If you watch a lot of a certain type of content, you will see more of this topic. And then, if you don’t use your common sense, you may Latvia Phone Number actually start to believe what you see and read. To counter this effect, Facebook could be more regulated. Perhaps news from various reliable sources should be prioritized in the timeline, rather than just letting the algorithm work. We see that more and more.

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Politicians are starting to Livestream, a good example of this is Congresswoman, who is mega-popular on Instagram because she reports on her work, her passion, and her vision in a personal way on a daily basis. She answers many questions that anyone in the world can ask her. A completely new generation of politicians is emerging, who are open, personal, and approachable. News also found its place on Insta In addition to.

It Is Therefore Striking

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Communities, politics, and campaigning, news has also become important on Instagram. Years ago, most people argued that Instagram was not a place for news. And yet, news organizations have found content formats that best suit the behavior of their specific target audience. Because that’s where the target audience is. Just look at who uses the different content forms of Instagram in a very smart strategiC.