Mexico B2B List the festive seasons abound and every day there are more and more reasons to spend a little extra money. In this article we will show you some applications, for smartphone users. That will help you keep your budget balanced. And avoid over-indebtedness that is becoming daily for many. Within the endless list of smartphone applications. We will show you three that fulfill their purpose very well and that. After trying them, will surely become indispensable. My budget book it is an application for android system.

You Can Organize Your Daily Costs and Organize Them in Graphs

It is also possible to make statistics that will help you balance yourself better, it has the advantage of being very friendly, easy to use and that it does not require prior registration to use it. Lemon : This one is particularly focused on business people, travelers or company owners. It allows Mexico B2B List you to have a kind of “electronic wallet” on your mobile. Gives you the option to get a new email address. So when you buy, you scan the receipts and they are automatically added to the network, so you don’t have to worry about gathering, and not losing, the papers.

It Has Several User “formats”, at Different Prices

Mexico B2B List

However the free version manages to be enough if Mexico B2B List you are not looking for something so detailed. MoneyWise : Here we can find a great application, it is free and takes up little memory space. Like “My Budget Book” it is for Android system and basically focuses on managing all daily expenses. You can analyze it on graphs to really see where you are spending your money. You have the option to filter and thus search for expenses by categories. In addition, you can access a paid option in which you can add several new options, such as blocking your credit cards in case of theft or loss, as well as sending all the data collected in an Excel spreadsheet to your email.

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