We are witnessing the landing of the Apple Watch, the innovative watch-phone that the great Apple has been offering us in recent days, the mood is very warm and very positive, predicting great success for the brand’s newcomer. There are still also many perplexities, from many experts in the marketing sector who express their hindrances in relation to the product.

Use the watch after the mobile.

It can be a peculiarity that is nice, or that makes it “trendy”, it will undoubtedly be an unusual change in our daily actions, when reading messages, we are also  used to answering at once, especially if it is important, visiting web pages and browsing Senegal WhatsApp Number List Social networks have led us to prefer the use of mobile phones with a large screen, Apple proposes the use of a much smaller screen, which in some cases can also be uncomfortable. Will we get used to this and will it actually be of use?

Apple Watch, a marketing to match the situation?
Campaign aimed in the direction of aesthetics.

Everyone knows Apple as a great brand of advanced technology, but Apple Watch comes launched as an aesthetic and fashionable gem. This deviates the trajectory of the Apple technological Brand to approach a Versace or Armani style, forgetting a bit about its positioning in the minds of its customers.

But creative marketing, especially in large companies, usually reaches these points, forgetting what the basic laws of good marketing are and thinking that, with the control of money, everything is possible.

A well-known and ordinary script for multinationals that bet on great short-term results while compromising their long-term objectives many times over.

Spending a lot of money to instill in people’s minds a different product for their perception, usually is deleterious creating confusion. Boosting aesthetics, with a clock as an additional mobile screen, you may also have some doubts about its real usefulness. Marketing campaign, good for everyone.

All marketing experts know that the trend is to specialize and target a certain niche. But, it seems that Apple does not care much, strong of its importance in the sector, they think of being good for everyone, forgetting that this, generally, will end, good for anyone. Apple Watch is divided into 3 categories with 38 different models ranging from $ 350 to $ 17,000.

Who will buy the $ 350 model do you think will be satisfied? I think you will feel mediocre once you have bought the cheapest model. Who will buy the $ 17,000 model do you think will be satisfied?

I think you will feel pretty stupid when you have paid a large sum for a watch model that anyone can buy for $ 350. A person who has the possibility of paying $ 17,000 for a watch wants at least one exclusive model that cannot be available to everyone.

(This is almost the same statement made by Laura Ries, an international marketing expert and with which I fully agree) Defining a very specific target for a product is very important for its success, which, in this case, does not seem to me to be taken into consideration as it should.

I hope with all my heart that Apple Watch can obtain the expected success, although, I find it difficult to share the applied marketing strategies, fundamentally risky, with also a product, in my opinion, of doubtful utility.

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