Check out ManyChat and get started on their free plan! Credi Response‘s offer is very different – it promises to turn every Facebook comment into cash by sending a personal message to everyone who comments on your Facebook page or a Facebook post. It starts from $9.95 a month. The main difference between Credi Response and ManyChat is that Credi Response is a response bot and ManyChat has different options such as the ability to send broadcast messages and send sequences – think autoresponders within Messenger. 

Chatfuel is used by leading publications including TechCrunch, Y Combinator, Forbes, and VentureBeat. Chatfuel is similar in many ways to ManyChat but doesn’t have any of the growth tools that ManyChat offers. Where Chatfuel shines though is in its AI engine which automatically detects user phrases similar to phrases that you predefine and then shows relevant messages to your subscribers – pretty neat! It also has a starting price point of FREE which makes it pretty hard to argue with. MobileMonkey enables mobile messaging between businesses and customers through Facebook Messenger. 

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Using messenger bots to build your email list For the reasons we’ve discussed above, you’re going to want to combine messenger marketing with email marketing and slowly find more ways to move subscribers onto your email list. I’ve seen more Paraguay phone number than half a dozen strategies used to build your email list from your messenger subscribers. I’m going to outline three of my favorites and show you how to use them on your site. Before we get into the fine details, we need to take a step back to look at the bigger picture: before you can convert a messenger subscriber into an email subscriber, you’ve got to grow your messenger subscribers. 

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D’uh! Here are two effective ways you can do that: Messenger landing page or button. Create a Messenger landing page, opt-in modal, or embed a Messenger button on your website. Incentivize people to click on it in the same way you would any other opt-in, except this time they don’t have to submit their details. Each user will then be asked if they want to open the message in Messenger. A message will be seen in the Messenger inbox and your user is now subscribed. Comment on page or post. You can trigger a bot once someone comments on a page or post by leaving a comment or by using a specific word or phrase. 

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Note that in this case, a user will only become a subscriber once they reply to the first message. How to turn a messenger subscriber into a lead For the purposes of this article, I’ll be describing the process using the first of the three platforms I described earlier, ManyChat. First, sign up using your Facebook profile and connect to your page. Now you’re ready to create your first bot. Yay! You might be thinking, why not just send out a link to a landing page in your first message? And you could. But it might be counterintuitive and lead to a poor user experience. My recommendation would be to send out a sequence of automated messages to educate followers and build trust

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