Each year, the Halloween period is an Peru Phone Number opportunity for brands to compete in inventiveness: particularly popular in Anglo-Saxon countries, the Halloween evening nevertheless arouses the interest of consumers in many countries. This is an opportunity to discover more original advertisements than each other, whether in the form of posters or TV spots, up to Peru Phone Number social media strategies. And you don’t need to work in the confectionery industry to be successful. Because advertising is not only on TV, we have selected inventive campaigns for you, using brilliantly the multiple digital means that are available to us today.

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Whether it’s on Facebook Twitter, Instagram. to Peru Phone Number put it another way, Via an app or a contest we’re unveiling. that is to say, These horribly ingenious marketing strategies. Just might give you some ideas about burger king -Halloween. by all means, The burger king chain knew how to make it. The buzz for Halloween, by disguising itself. important to realize, As  McDonald’s leverage each. Of the social networks to generate engagement in its own way each year. Halloween is an opportunity for brands. To arouse consumer interest in an original way, in all sectors. How, however, to be sure to stand out, without falling into deja-vu and overheating.

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A contest to quickly create commitment around Peru Phone Number your brand. And Halloween is the perfect opportunity. To get off the beaten track of contests. And to offer an extraordinary concept that is still linked to your business. The good thing about a party like Halloween is that you can. Adapt the theme to a host of areas of expertise. Integrate the game into its site and relay. It on the networks take the example of Airbnb. This year did well for its Halloween game. By Peru Phone Number appealing to the courage of its fans. The brand has relied on the reward of its simple draw. To encourage participation. Through a page similar to those found on the site. When looking for accommodation for the next vacation. Airbnb presents its price a night in Dracula’s castle,

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