In order for initiatives to get off the ground. It is a complex contagion that set in motion by the infrastructure of a network. To change people’s behavior and beliefs. With a new management policy, you always run into the same social Uganda Phone Number List structures. Merger, demerger, or takeover Image damage Company name is simply not strong or distinctive.

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For the change Insufficient support within the organization Insufficient budget. For a new corporate identity, website, printing, and other costs High sentimental value and history. Built brand equity write 2Define an identity. Before you can develop a new company name, the identity of the company must be clear. Developing a brand strategy can help you with that.

Uganda Phone Number List
Uganda Phone Number List

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You determine what makes your company distinctive and why your target group should choose your company. This will help build a strong foundation for all your branding and marketing efforts going forward. How do you develop a brand strategy? A solid brand strategy consists of the following key components: Identity Describe your identity.

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