A sense tower report says that app purchases by ios and android phone users grew 35 percent in 2017. It also details that revenue from app sales worldwide accounted for $58.6 billion. Of dollars. On the other hand, the use of applications covers . More than 80 percent of the time that users spend on their mobile phones worldwide. A percentage that amounts to more than 90 percent in markets such as argentina. Mexico and brazil, according to global digital future by comscore. In this scenario, two things are clear: on the one hand. The applications business is still more than attractive. On the other hand, the market is saturated and developers are forced to generate disruptive ideas . If they want to exceed a minimum level of downloads.

An Example Is the Virtual Platform Created by the Chilean

Eduardo della maggiora called ” burn to give “. Which invites people to reconvert the calories burned in physical exercises. To transform them into food donations. According to the Singapore WhatsApp Number Database argentine newspaper la voz , “della maggiora is a former executive of jp morgan in new york who radically changed his life. He decided to take a break from his career advising investment projects and traveled to tanzania. In africa, to teach mathematics. In a village with extreme poverty. The platform is based on an app where users sign up and allow data to be taken on the calories they burn while exercising. Those calories are transformed into kilos of food that are donated to people who suffer from hunger and poverty in different parts of the world. There are two more columns in the system.

The Marketing and Csr Departments of Large Companies

Singapore WhatsApp Number Database

That buy food for social help and to encourage healthy living, and the international institutions of solidarity aid, such as the World Food Program of the United Nations Organization ( UN), in charge of receiving and distributing donations. The site, meanwhile, charges for interaction. Burn to Give has two modalities: one with open communities and another with corporate challenges. As published by the Argentine media , the next step is to donate food for a specific destination, which can be Argentina , Venezuela or some country in Africa. In addition, and already in a more ambitious project, to reach the United States, with the purpose of scaling globally. According to Statista, this year, there will be 785 million fitness app users worldwide, earning more than $15 billion in revenue.

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