To comment on any event. With it, make yourself heard not only by your peers. But also by traditional media and personalities from all walks of life. Today I go further. I believe Ethiopia B2B List that the internet in general has democratized knowledge. It is clear that the internet accommodates millions of sources. Many of which may not be reliable or only the result of a “Copy paste” of others. But the grace of this multiplicity of informative channels is that. Those who use them have at their disposal everything they need to form an opinion. And transmit it by any means. Today it is not as difficult as before, to become an expert. It is enough with the degree of interest in a subject and the ability to acquire weighty knowledge. Chilean journalist and political scientist rodrigo hollman.

First He Was the Network, Then the Books and Today He Is a

Ethiopia B2B List recognized authority in the country. Every day he receives invitations to give talks. Analyze public figures and even, on occasions, he has participated in the observation of trials. We are clearly talking about a professional with a base. And ability Ethiopia B2B List that has expanded the field of him, he is not an unknown. But he did it initially through the network. In this framework, the negative happens when people claim ownership of public domain content and claim it as such. Coincidences in creation exist. Especially if we refer to topics that are highly known by those of us who work in the same professional field. So, unless we are talking about nuclear physics studies, it is not healthy to doubt the multiplicity of ways to reach a subject.

It Should Be Noted That if the Content Is Exclusive and Belongs to

Ethiopia B2B List

Someone in particular. It is ethical, not only for journalists, but for everyone who writes or promotes knowledge by any means, to cite the source. Therefore, Ethiopia B2B List if you hesitate regarding the information to use. Google the term you are looking for and you will find millions of matches. If you choose one, you must indicate its origin. Not so the information is repeated (in fact you will never be able to access all the sources that seem identical, it is impossible). When the above happens, with topics in the public domain, it is valid to point out that your informative synthesis comes from various sources, that is enough. Without a doubt, we are in the era of content democratization and more than a headache, it should be an advantage. In addition, as another merca20 collaborator, guillermo pérezbolde, says, “knowledge that is not shared completely loses its value”.

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