Which according to data from statista reveals that it will exceed 5 billion people this year. Marketing from mobile devices is emerging to be the most important route to follow. To obtain results for brands. Knowing what actions to take will undoubtedly be of great relevance for marketing professionals. Who already have strategies in action, and for this reason. This time we will see 5 mobile marketing trends that 2019. Will bring and that reveal the steps to follow. Mobile marketing trends 2019 according to the specialized portal. Mobile marketer, these are the 5 mobile marketing trends that companies will be leveraging throughout 2019. Fight for dominance in mobile video.

Therefore, as the First Mobile Marketing Trends We Have

Growth in this way. Smartphones have become a dominant channel for online video. With a share exceeding 50 percent, according to figures from mobile marketer. By 2019, it is forecast to account for 72 percent of the growth in online video ad spending. Given that Turkey WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists expected growth, in 2019 many video-familiar firms are likely to scramble to establish dominance. Regarding the platforms, for the next 12 months it will be possible to see the growth or decline of some that are key. Such as facebook watch and instagram’s igtv. Although they have received million-dollar investments. Their performance has not been the best. On the one hand, facebook watch is trying to impose itself as a game changer for the company.

There Will Be an Increase in the Popularity of Smart Speakers

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2019 will be the time for many brands to provide value from this section. In countries like the united states, a greater impact is expected. Since at the end of 2018 an increase in the adoption of these devices was projected with 48 percent of americans having . Equipment such as amazon echo or google home. The adoption of these voice technologies is driving new consumer behaviors. And will lead marketers to explore ways to better leverage this emerging channel. However, an important challenge presented by this technology is the fact that as consumer acquisition evolves. It becomes a problem as many devices recommend products and brands based.

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